Soft Oils

All Refined Soft Oils are great frying mediums. To suit market requirements special blends of Palm Olein & Soft Oil have been developed and are a very high-quality frying medium. These blends provide an ideal combination of product characteristics and price advantage.
  • NBD Soya Bean Oil
  • NBD Canola Oil
  • NBD Hydrogenated Soya Bean Oil
  • NBDW Sunflower Seed Oil
  • NBDW Corn Oil
  • NBD Hydrogenated Canola Oil
  • Soya Bean Fatty Acid Distillate
  • Mixed Fatty Acid Distillates from Soft Oil Refining
  • Mixed Acid Oils from Soft Oil Refining
Packing options include Flexibag, Jerry Can, Tin, Bag-In-Box & PET Bottle
Anti-oxidant & anti-foaming agent optional
Wide range of mixtures/formulations available